Zero Tolerance
Season 3, Episode 15-302
Air Date June 14, 2002
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB784R
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Life at the health centre takes an unexpected turn when a gun-toting man shows up demanding access to the drug cabinet. Mrs Raven isn't given the chance to deal with this addict as George enters to save the day — and doesn't even have to call on Thermoman to do so! Now George is known as the "local" hero — rather than a "super" hero. He is being celebrated all over town and asked to join the Neighborhood Watch Scheme by Janet's father. Will George's new-found popularity with his in-laws last?


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  • 5.9 million (27.7% audience share)


  • It took Mrs. Raven 55 seconds to make Ollie cry, not 31 as George says.
  • Janet asks George why he can't transform in her office, but she knows from Pregnant that he has to transform in the bathroom/toilet.
    • It was a pressing situation.
  • George says Ollie can do Physics at Ultron University with potty training as a subsidiary, but at the very end of Baby Talk, he declares Ollie potty trained.
    • Ultronian babies are far intelligent than any Human even when they've just been born, George was most likely joking.
  • The lady who brings the goods back to the shop says they were £24.99, but Arnie only wrapped one note onto his wad.