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[Scene: Northolt Health Centre, outside Janet's office. George and Janet smile at each other.]

George: Now you look after youself.

Janet: I will, love you.

George: Love you too.

[George and Janet kiss]

Mrs. Raven: [Mrs. Raven tuts and turns to Ella.] That'll stop when they're knee deep in nappies.

Ella: [Ella turns to Mrs. Raven.] Nappies!.

[Mrs. Raven looks at Ella, shocked that she let slip her secret.]

Ella: [Ella turns to Janet.] Janet. [Janet lets go of George and turns to Ella] You're not pregnant?

Janet: Pregnant? Course i'm not pregnant. Do i look pregnant? [Janet suddenly grows a huge baby bump causing the white belt on her Nurse's uniform to pop off] George?

George: Yep, you look pregnant to me.

[Janet wakes up from her dream, she pulls over the bed sheet to find she hasn't got a bump.]

George: Are you alright.

Janet: Yeah sorry, i just had the strangest dream. I dreamt that i was pregnant and because you're from another planet the pregnancy only lasted six days.

George: [George smiles] That's right it did, you gave birth yesterday.

Janet: [Shocked] Did i?

George: Yeah, nothing to worry about, they're all doing fine.

Janet: Oh thank goodness. [Janet rests than realises George said all] All!?

George: Yeah well there was a bit of a struggle getting the ninth one out but yeah.

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