[Opening Credits]
[Scene: 59 Linden Court, the bedroom. George wakes up, highly alert, and sniffs.]

George: Lilypad, no that's the book i'm reading.

[George sniffs again.]

George: Kazakhstan, Janet!. [George turns to Janet's side of the bed to find it is empty.] Oh, not again. [George walks out of bed and puts his dressing gown on, he walks to to the bathroom and stands outside the door.] Janet.

Janet: [In the bathroom] What?.

George: [George starts tieing up his dressing gown.] I need to go.

Janet: You'll just have to control yourself.

George: No i can't, i need to go to Kazakhstan. That's the eighth time you've been in there since supper [George finishes tieing up his dressing gown.].

Janet: Can't you change into your Thermogear out there?.

George: No!.

Janet: Why not?.

George: I don't know i just can't. [George raises his hands.] Heroes of Ultron transform in the bathroom, [George raises his hands.] it's the rule Janet. [George raises his hands.]

Janet: That's just silly, try George.

George: [George sighs and tries to change, he sighs again when he fails.] It's no use, please.

[Janet exits the bathroom.]

George: Thanks, won't be long.

Janet: George, [Janet stops him.] can you hang on a minute?.

George: Janet, Kazakhstan.

[George walks into the bathroom.]

Janet: [Janet steps into the living room and turns to the bathroom door.] George, i'm pregnant.

George: Good for you, i'll be back in a minute.

[Janet looks shocked, George realises what she means and runs to her, shocked as well.]

George: What did you say!?.

Janet: I'm pregnant, i'm gonna have a baby.

George: I'll get some towels and hot water, hold on until i get back.

[Janet raises her hands to George, stopping him as he prepares to leave.]

Janet: No, no, no, not right this minute. I mean i'm expecting one.

George: Oh that's a relief.

Janet: I can't understand how it happened.

George: Well you know when you switch the telly off, and you smile at me even though i haven't said anything funny.

Janet: Yes, i know the process. But i'm on the pill.

George: [George chuckles] My little Ultron fellas take no notice of that, infact, they regard it as a challenge. Out of my way puny pill for i am the mighty Thermozyne. [George imitates the movement of sperm and notices Janet is nervous] Janet, you are happy?

Janet: Well i'm a bit shocked, and nervous. But yes, yes George i'm very happy. Are you?

George: [George zooms off, then instantly comes back with a wreath saying 'WELL DONE JANET'.] Yes, i think i am. [He puts it down] I've heard about pregnancies, aren't you meant to put your feet up?