The Party's Over
Season 1, Episode 6-106
Air Date March 10, 2000
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA149Y
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The Party's Over is the sixth episode of My Hero.


It's Janet's 30th birthday, but an earth girl hitting the Big 3-0 means nothing to the Ultron male. So when Janet says she doesn't want to discuss it and then changes her mind, poor George isn't quite sure what to do. As always, he turns to his cousin Arnie for advice. It's decided that George should throw Janet a surprise birthday party (although George doesn't quite understand the concept). Disguised in a hat and sunglasses, George visits the health centre to invite Janet's work colleagues to the party. George flies Janet over to New York to meet Arnie which should keep her out of the way while her friends and parents get the party swinging in Northolt. Piers arrives with Zoe (a runner from his TV show who he's paid to accompany him) while Mrs Raven is busy fighting off amorous advances from Janet's fried-brain neighbour, Tyler. All seems to be going smoothly when George flies off to collect Janet, but on arrival, he accidentally spills the beans about her surprise party. Can George can come up with the perfect solution?


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  • 5.7 million (22.7% audience share)


  • George says Ultronians don't count their age: only the three stages of life, Young, Getting On A Bit or Nearly Dead. But in Parents he says he's 842 years old, and in The Older Man he's 327.
    • After this episode, George probably decided to find out his age.

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