The Older Man
Season 3, Episode 17-304
Air Date June 28, 2002
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB786E
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It's George's birthday! At the age of 327, he's a mere spring chicken on the Planet Ultron. But the lease on George's earthly body has run out and he starts to look his real age quickly.


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  • Ratings: 5.2 million (26.1% audience share)


  • George's earthly body has expired at 327 years old but there are several references to George not having been on earth long.
    • He has most likely spent 327 years on Earth as Thermoman, but only recently in actual Human society.
  • Hayley is employed because Janet wants to spend more time with Ollie, but when she is sacked, why isn't she replaced?
    • Piers likely didn't bother to go the trouble of getting a replacement, also as Ollie matured, the situation with him became more smooth.
  • Why does Janet have to carry baby George to the bathroom to go and find the reject body when he can still fly? And why, just before that, does he ask Janet to pick him up?