Shock, Horror!
Season 3, Episode 19-306
Air Date July 12, 2002
Writer Paul Alexander
Paul Mendelson
Paul Mayhew-Archer
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB789L
Previous Puttin' on the Writs
Next Little Green Man


Baby Ollie has a temperature so George, instead of concentrating on saving the world, keeps zooming back to the flat to check on the baby.


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  • George says in his entire life he's only been sick for five minutes and that was a slight sniffle (It was malaria, says Janet) but in My Hero he's got a throat infection and a rash from wearing tights. He also can't buy Janet flowers in that episode, because he suffers from hayfever and there are other references to hayfever, such as when he's talking to the hooker in The Party's Over. Then, in Mission Impossible, he says he cannot eat dairy products because of his chronic mucus problem.

Also in Girlfriend, Arnie reminds him they had Regalian flu that summer, so they were engaged by proxy. Then, in an episode of season four, he's got a serious condition in both hearts.

  • Mrs. Raven wants a reference from Piers because her former employer still hasn't got back the use of his hands, but in A Day To Remember, she says she's worked for Piers for 12 years.
    • She was making a cruel joke, he'll probably never get back the use of his hands.
  • The photo of Ollie as a baby that was on the table in Puttin' on the Writs in landscape format is on the windowsill in portrait format and again in A Day to Remember it's in landscape on the table.
  • Tyler reads from the paper that George was seen eating pasta by candlelight with Graham Norton, then says "how can they print this rubbish, you don't like pasta", but George ate spaghetti carbonara on his first date with Janet in My Hero ("delicious, no cheese for me").