Puttin' on the Writs
Season 3, Episode 18-305
Air Date July 5, 2002
Writer Paul Alexander
Simon Braithwaite
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB787Y
Previous The Older Man
Next Shock, Horror!


It’s just an ordinary morning in a supermarket car-park ­ until Mrs Raven has a run-in with a stack of wayward trolleys and is tipped over the edge of the multi-storey building… It’s ThermoMan to the rescue -- but when he refuses Mrs R's kind offer of Battenberg cake in return for saving her life, retribution is swift! "You’re suing him for £5 million?!" asks an aghast Janet. "He grabbed my arm and sprained it, causing trauma, distress and potential loss of earnings should I ever wish to ski competitively" says Mrs R in her defence.


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  • When Stanley is staying at Tyler's, Tyler calls him Stan, this is the only episode Stanley is called that by anyone.



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  • Ratings: 5.2 million (26.1% audience share)


  • Janet's coat is not in sight when George freezes the shopping, but he only reaches into the boot to get her, now frozen, coat.
  • George doesn't need a bathroom to transform to save Mrs. Raven.
    • Janet was with George at the carpark, but when Mrs. Raven fell, George was gone when Janet gasped in shock. Suggesting he had already left as George, he then later came back as Thermoman.
  • Has Stanley taken early retirement? In Parents he said he was 61.
  • Janet walks into the door-jamb when accompanying Ella to Tyler's to "apolololologise" to Stanley.
  • In her fake "cross-examination" test for George, Janet says Thermoman knew Mrs. Raven and considered her a friend before the incident, but if that were so, Mrs. Raven would know that George was Thermoman.
    • Although Mrs. Raven may not know George's true identity, she has met him as Thermoman, as he visited the Health Centre several times in Thermoman's Greatest Challenge, Janet obviously took this into account.
  • When George removes the scorpion from Mrs. Raven's shoulder she says "I knew you wouldn't know what to do when faced with a poisonous insect", George says "I usually say Good Morning Mrs. Raven" : but a scorpion is an arachnid, not an insect.
    • An error on Mrs. Raven's part.