Local GP Dr Piers Crispin (Hugh Dennis) is Janet's corrupt boss, more interested in his public image than in his patients' welfare.


In Time and Time Again, Janet said that he was both when he was referred to as "either stupid or corrupt", and "Britain's favourite TV doctor." In the episode Shock, Horror!, he accidentally reveals to Janet that he faked his A-Level results to get into medical school and is more concerned with his television career than anything else. In series four episode ten, "Time and Time Again", he promotes cigarettes as good for you (initially believed by Janet and Mrs Raven to be an April Fool's Joke), when paid by the tobacco industry to do his own study. In series six episode eight, "Believe", the audience finds out he cheats and schemes because of being bullied at school, being locked in a cellar by his father, and his unfeeling mother celebrating his brother's latest scout badge ignoring him. His father was CEO of a merchant bank. He won best day time Doctor award in 1996 as he revealed it in episode-"Believe".

To boost his image, Piers tries schemes like releasing his own health drink (diluted mouthwash which he took off the market due to an "unhealthy" experience with a gangster). He also tried sponsoring a tiger cub in Bangladesh hotogenic, writing a book (that Mrs Raven suggested a patient read as a means to relieve insomnia), supporting a healthy eating campaign in schools, and even appearing on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!. His catchphrase in the series is "I am always here".He is captain of his local cricket team. He had also unearthed in episode-"A Sporting Chance" that he was a professional cricket player once and had given up the game to become a doctor which made a lot of people sad. Piers resides in Flat 59 ,Linden Court, Jordan Road, Northolt,UB5 3AC.

Doctor Piers is a Qualified Doctor even though he doesn't know where babies come from. As it uncovered in episode "Cassie Come Home".Moreover, he uncovered one more story about his childhood that he wanted to be a violinist but his father didn't consent to it. His father strictly banned all music from the house for three years and forced him to be a doctor. Doctor Piers Crispin was once engaged to be married to a psychotic woman named Linda (Perdita Avery ).In series two episode six, "Pregnant", George describes him "as the most boring person he has ever encountered, worse even than Zargons [their national sport is growing cress]".He is a 43 year old virgin as he reveals his virginity in the episode "Not for prophet".Says Hugh Dennis (Dr Piers Crispin): "Dr Piers is a self-obsessed, incredibly vain egomaniac with no interest in anything except himself - he's a brilliant part to play!"