Season 2, Episode 8-202
Air Date May 14, 2001
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA340E
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After George's actions ruin an amateur dramatics production that Stanley and Ella were participating in, Janet finally snaps and admits that he's Thermoman to them. Although George enjoys his new relationship with them, their inability to keep his secret results in him being forced to erase the memories of most of their friends, culminating in Mrs Raven attempting to seduce him.


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  • George says Mrs. Raven "looks lovely today" then explains that Janet has told him it OK to lie to be polite, but the whole of Zero Tolerance is based on him not lying and not understanding why people tell white lies.
    • Janet's explaination to George was likely brushed under the carpet soon after.
  • Mrs. Raven breaks Piers jaw in six places, but later on in the series, he's ok.
    • Thermoman likely popped by and healed him.
  • Why does the CD of The Mikado jump straight to "Three Little Maids"?