Apollo "Ollie" Sunday (primarily played by Finlay Stroud) is an Ultronian-Human Hybrid and the first child of George Sunday and Janet Dawkins.

Ollie is a fluent English-speaking baby with a full set of teeth, the son of George and Janet. He's born at the end of series two, and, like his father has superhuman powers, although they are somewhat limited. He takes more of a back seat in series five, as he fights the sibling rivalry wars with his sister Cassie. The name "Apollo" is chosen by Ollie himself during a conversation with Tyler, and is meant to symbolise the link between two "heavenly bodies" (either Apollo 11 or Battlestar Galactica). George originally wants to name him Pontius after Pontius Pilate, but Janet opted for Benjamin before Tyler told them Ollie did not like either name.




"Hello little one, you ready to come out now?"
"Yes i think so.
Ollie says his first words just as he is born, causing Piers to faint.[src]

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Ollie only has two brief appearances in this episode. When George makes a plant grow when his Miracle Spit, Ollie says that he loves that trick. Later at the Health Shop, when George unwelds Malcolm's mouth shut, Ollie explains to Tyler that he's not very good with Dogs.

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By Series five, Ollie is said to know virtually all Earth languages (although George considered Flemish as a dialect).



  • As a baby, Ollie sometimes wore a babygrow and cape with the colours of Thermoman's suit in certain situations, such as when he did a rescue in George's place. (A Day to Remember) When he was a toddler, he wore boots as well.
  • Ollie has the distinction of being played by eleven actors in the series.
  • Although Ollie is short for Apollo as George and Janet agreed on it. It is unknown if Ollie is officially actually called Apollo, he may be known as Oliver by people who don't know he's half-Ultronian.
    • George originally wanted to name Ollie "Pontius Ulrich Sunday"; 'Pontius' because it's a name in the Bible AND means something nice in Ultronian (not realizing that just because the name 'Pontius' was in the Bible doesn't mean it's a good name on Earth), and 'Ulrich' after his late mother, Ulrich Sunday (which in Ultronian 'Ulrich' means "Warm Heart").
  • In his first brief appearance at the end of Wedding, when he speaks, his mouth merely opens showing no teeth. However, from Series 3 onwards, a new effect is used. The mouth of someone talking, presumably Finlay Stroud, is edited onto his mouth, indicating that Ultronian babies are born with a full set of teeth. This effect would also be used for Cassie.
  • Over the course of the series, Ollie is shown to be more intelligent than George, he is also shown to be much more familar with Human customs. It is likely that Ollie, and all Ultronian babies, inherit their parents knowledge, so Janet's knowledge means he isn't dim-witted like George.