Season 2, Episode 11-205
Air Date June 4, 2001
Writer John Phelps
Gary Lawson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA345A
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George has to contend with an old school friend who takes over Piers' body to create an Earth-born superhero who will put him out of business. Highlights of this episode are the final battle, which only goes to show you it is possible to have a superhero battle on a BBC budget and make it convincing!


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  • Why didn't George go green when he saw Janet kissing Piers in Nemesis ("Now I'm really jealous") like he did in season three's Little Green Man? Both times he said he was jealous; in Nemesis he had to look it up.
    • When George found out what jealousy means, he pounded the bar counter, and when he saw Janet kiss Piers, he went for a stomp on the Moon. Letting his anger out through violence likely prevented him from turning green.
  • Why does Piers end up naked when George defeats Rovi at Chang Ching?
    • Maybe his Miracle Man costume is connected to Rovi, as he is an Ultronian, when he left Piers, the costume likely vanished.
  • Piers offers to do the filing in this episode, but he wouldn't know how to as Mrs. Raven informs him in Girlfriend that she doesn't file alphabetically, but by how irritating people are cross-referenced with how many times she has been rude to them on the phone.
    • He may have learned from her, or maybe she abandoned that tradition.