Mrs. Raven (Geraldine McNulty), is the sadistic, misanthropic receptionist in Northolt Health Centre.


She has a sadomasochistic relationship with Arnie, has triplets from a previous marriage, and despises them to no end. In the first episode, she takes them to see an exorcist. Mrs Raven often says snide comments about people while they are present (similar to Anne Robinson), and seems to pride herself on scaring away potential patients. She often gets the better of her boss, Dr Piers Crispin, usually through blackmail or similar methods.

Arnie has been staying with her since series three. According to Doctor Crispin, she was never a child. Also, in "Night Fever", she predicts she could see her psychotic mother in her triplets in the future, and tells Janet her family throughout generations have always been callous. She also states that prior to being a receptionist, she was a prison warden. Her wedding vows were "No retreat, no surrender", and claims the only reason she married her husband was because her told her to, "have another gin."

She is known to aid Doctor Crispin in his schemes. If it works, she most likely wants a cut of the profits, and if it doesn't work, she gets some amusement out of Doctor Crispin's humiliation. For example, she has a camcorder ready to film Stanley Dawkins's pregnancy for a live show. Crispin then delivers a 2-ounce gallstone, earning a front page story in The Sun newspaper with the title "They think it's gall over" (punning on the 1966 world cup phrase "They think it's all over, it is now"). She photocopies this story for the patients to read.

Raven sells homemade booze to Crispin for his cousin Deon's stag night and has arranged for a stripper, i.e., herself. Mrs Raven earns enough to pay off her £5000 tax and she got amusement from Piers being "lynched" (gaffer taped to a lamppost, stark naked, with gaffer tape covering his genitals) after selling him out to Deon Crispin and his friends.

Despite her nasty behaviour towards Crispin, she reveals in series six episode eight, "Believe", that insulting Doctor Crispin is one of two things that gets her out of bed (the other being that her triplets keep their stash of explosives under her bed).

Crispin compares her to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz in a few episodes. Another time he refers to her as "Mrs Hannibal Lector."

Her first name is never revealed. Even she refers to herself as "Mrs Raven." Her demonic triplets are also unnamed and never seen. She has made numerous references to her equally vicious sister, Doris, and their psychotic mother.