Mission Impossible
Season 1, Episode 3-103
Air Date February 18, 2000
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA146R
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Mission Impossible is the third episode of My Hero.


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  • Arnie offers to give George one of his suits, a purple suit with the Virgin logo and slogan "If I needed a Plane I'd fly." on the back. Arnie is seen in his Polarman suit in Car.
  • Arnie is seen speaking on the phone, blackmailing a Mr. Kowalski, this is ironic, as Arnie's last name is later revealed to be Kowalski.


  • 5.6 million (22.4% audience share)


  • George says that he cannot eat anything containing caffeine because it will make his blood leak out through his skin, but in Wedding he eats raw coffee granules straight from the jar with Janet, as it's one of her pregnancy cravings, and then also with Arnie.
    • George hasn't been on Earth for long at this point, he may have had some sort of medical treatment by the Ultronians sometime before this episode and Wedding, making him immune.
  • George says that he cannot eat anything containing dairy produced because of his chronic mucus problem, but he ate Spaghetti Carbonara, which contains cream, at the bistro with Janet in My Hero.
    • The side-effects may not happen until later, in that case, when George went off saving Belgium.
  • Mrs. Raven calls Piers Dr. Crippen.

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