Little Green Man
Season 3, Episode 20-307
Air Date August 2, 2002
Writer Ian Brown
James Hendrie
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB788S
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Little Green Man is the seventh episode of My Hero, Series 3.


Janet thinks George is taking her for granted. After all, most husbands would react badly after finding their wife in a compromising position with the handyman.

Mrs. Raven thinks Janet needs to work harder at making George jealous. But it turns out that all Janet needs to do is share a bit of Arnie's carrot cake (Part of the wedding rituals on another planet), and George is beside himself. He literally turns green with envy! And now even Mrs. Raven thinks Arnie has been unfaithful to her.


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  • Strangely, when Arnie walks in with flowers at the end of the episode, Mrs. Raven simply says "Hello, Arnie.", while in every other episode, Arnie and Mrs. Raven greet each other with insults.


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  • Who fixes the window after Pete the glazier flees when George finds him in an innocent but compromising situation with Janet?
    • Most likely George himself, as he is an Ultronian.
  • George blows out all the TV Monitors in the bookies, but no-one notices!
  • George asks Janet not to put him in Ollie's cot as he is using his head as a teething ring. but Ollie already has a full set of teeth and has had since Baby Talk.
    • He probably did it for fun.
  • Why does George need a stepladder to go to the toilet, if he can sleep in mid-air (as in Old Man Riverdance) and still has his powers, but can't fit into his helmet to use them.
  • Piers orders a 24 carat diamond set in a white gold ring (and one for Carol), but that would be enormous!
  • How do they explain away Arnie going green at the very end of the episode when he sees Mrs. Raven sharing a piece of cake with George?
    • George most likely erased Mrs. Raven and Piers' memory.