Janet Charlotte Sunday nee Dawkins (Emily Joyce) is the voice of sanity, and a nurse in the Northolt Health Centre.


She first meets Thermoman when he rescues her from death, after falling into the Grand Canyon whilst on holiday. Although she loves George, she is frequently exasperated and confused by his behaviour. She married George at the end of series 2. She seems to be the only person who can apparently stand Mrs Raven as a friend. Piers Crispin has a crush on her and her parents (whom she resents) disgree with her marriage to George Sunday and wish her to get rid of him and marry Piers. She is a very decent woman and dislikes indiscrimination.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

As a pregnant woman Janet was granted Ultronian powers by George, the better to protect their unborn child (Pregnant).  She was able to lift like a feather a heavy sack in George's shop and to accidentally send Tyler flying across the shop floor with a 'gentle' shove.  She used her super breath to send her vacuum cleaner into the corner and, in reverse, to draw the sofa towards her.  A playful punch from her was enough to cause George some pain, or he at the least gave that impression.


  • Janet is the only main character in My Hero to never been seen wearing a superhero costume. George is of course Thermoman, Ollie also wears a infant version of his costume occasionaly, as does Cassie, though only in publicity pictures. Tyler wore a crude version of a Thermoman costume in Thermoman's Greatest Challenge, Arnie used to be Polarman (Car), and Ella, Stanley and Mrs. Raven became Dorothy Perkins, Faldo Man, and The Raven when George accidently gave them powers. (Space Virus) Although George once looked at a photo (unseen by the audience) of Janet dressed as catwoman. And when she briefly had powers, during her first pregnancy and became a superhero, she borrowed George's helmet (though, she continued wearing her nurse's uniform).