Hillary. (Mine's a Double)

Hillary is a young superhero trainee, "only just out of short tights".


He's been held over the coal so many times he uses barbacue sauce for aftershave, he is a big trouble-maker, his superhero academy was filled with Pranks, Reprimands, his father is a "big fromage" on the Ultron High Council and had it buried in paperwork. Hillary is given a clone of George's body and is assigned to replace him as he left for 3 days for an advanced Super Heroics Refresher Course.

However before George went, Hillary practiced to pose as George but Janet found out when George walked in on them in bed. She didn't like the fact that he was replacing her husband, although unlike George Hillary became good friends with Piers and tried to be romanticly involved with Janet's mother Ella. He soon started to cause trouble, losing £300 (which Janet) on a bet with Piers playing on a Roulette machine, being rude to Janet and eventually farming Thermoman for robbery of a bike which led to George's powers being confiscated by the Ultron Council. However George harnessed Ollie's powers and flew to Ultron to persuade Vice-President Qualtag to make a clone of Janet for him to hide in to spy on Hillary. When Hillary attacked George, Qualtag apprehended him. (Mine's a Double)