Season 2, Episode 9-203
Air Date May 21, 2001
Writer Simon Braithwaite
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA344F
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George has failed to tell Janet that he is already engaged - to a six-foot warrior princess back on Ultron, Xil. When she arrives to claim him as her rightful husband, Janet, who had just been complaining things were getting predictable, is horrified. Her mother, informed this newcomer is from Ireland, is ecstatic - at last her daughter will be free of George.


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  • Xil says the same "Ultronian" words to Tyler three times, but he replies with completely different answers to three obviously completely different questions. Furthermore, although she doesn't speak English, she understands Tyler's replies to her questions.
  • Why does nobody query Xil's obviously alien outfit?
    • They probably think she's a stripergram and she's wearing some sort of Superhero fancy dress.
  • Why do Ella and Mrs. Raven assume Xil is George's fiancée on sight, with no other evidence?
  • Arnie offers to be George's Best Man when he marries Xil ("Given any thought to your Best Man?"), but wants to be paid in Wedding at George's wedding to Janet. Saying"I'm choked that you should ask me to do this and not offer to pay me"
    • Arnie was most likely eager because he thought George would pay him, but was "choked" that he didn't offer in Wedding.
  • Janet catches George and Xil doing mutual nose-fondling which is supposed to be the true sign of friendship between an Ultron male and female : but George doesn't like Xil.
  • Xil wants Zanalar with George, which is supposed to be on the eve of the wedding, but the next day Janet catches them nose-fondling, then the next day is supposed to be the wedding.
  • Piers says one of his new private patients is the Mayor, a raving hypochondriac, but Mrs. Raven knew about him being on antibiotics at the reception in Mission Impossible, so wasn't he already a patient?
    • This was likely a new Mayor.