Ella Dawkins (Lil Roughley) is Janet's meddlesome mother.


Her relationship with her husband Stanley is tempestuous, getting off on a bad start from literally day one, as they argued on their honeymoon and spent the night apart. Ella is a typical mother-in-law and has always thought Janet should have married Piers. She dislikes George, believing him to be an idiot and loser. Janet's father Stanley humorously complains all the time about his wife and is rather suspicious of George and all other men who are anywhere near his daughter. When George gained the mystic power of "Mascara" (which is the power to read minds) he read Stanley’s mind and discovered that all he ever thinks about is killing Ella. He seems to be a bit more tolerant of George, as he has a few good times with him (mainly because he irritates Ella, making him a lesser target).

Despite his dislike of them, George repeatedly attempts to get his parents-in-law to like him. Janet, on the other hand, holds a deep grudge against them, most likely due to their overbearing, controlling ways and their repeated abuse of George.

Stanley and Ella find each other more attractive when they're both intoxicated, as revealed in series six episode seven, Top of the Table. This might explain how Janet is conceived to a married couple like Ella and Stanley (the kind that find each other irritating and only attractive to each other when alcohol is in their system).