Cassie Come Home
Season 5, Episode 37-504
Air Date January 28, 2005
Writer Daniel Peak
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICED149X
Previous The First Husband's Club
Next Nothing to Hide


Ella has big news - she's going to be a Justice of the Peace and a Magistrate. She starts throwing her weight around about the way Janet and George are educating and bringing up the children and threatens them with Social Services. Later, Arnie turns up to celebrate Olly's birthday - to protests from Janet. "It's not his birthday, says Janet - he's 14 months old". George explains 14 months old on Ultron is equivalent to 18 years on Earth, so Arnie's got a boozy party planned. Unfortunately, Ella catches Olly with a can of beer and a cigar and she and Stanley take the children away from Janet and George -- it's either that or Social Services -- and forces Janet to join Piers' Single Mothers Parenting class, which is of course, totally useless.


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  • 4.83 (20.66 Audience Share)
  • 3.53 Multi Channel Homes 23.57 Share MCH
  • No 6 in Top 10 Entertainment Shows for the week


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