Season 2, Episode 10-204
Air Date May 28, 2001
Writer Simon Braithwaite
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code IPEA343L
Previous Girlfriend
Next Nemesis

Car is the fourth episode of Series 2.


George is working hard in the health shop to save money to buy Janet a much-needed car. And Arnie is given back his powers to help George with his superhero work. But can he be trusted? Well, he steals the crown jewels on his first day. What do you think?


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  • This episode adds a clue to the timeline of My Hero. Mrs. Raven sarcastically regrets using all her party poppers at the millenium, indicating this episode takes place after January 1st 2000.


  • 7.59 million in viewer figures.


  • George asks Arnie what the time difference is between Earth and Ultron and Arnie says 95 light years, but a light year is a measurement of distance, not time.
    • On Ultron, a light year could also be a measurement of time.
  • Arnie wants to know "who is that mean momma", but he's already met Mrs. Raven in The Party's Over when George took her with Janet's family to Arnie's café in New York : and Janet hints that they slept together "she's going to wake up with Arnie, which is worse".
    • They possibly didn't have much talk between them, being just a one night stand.
  • George says Arnie is his oldest friend, but in Zero Tolerance he says he's not and he's only known him for a couple of centuries. Also in Girlfriend Arnie refers to them being betrothed when they were six.
    • In Zero Tolerance, Janet was angry at George for taking Arnie to the police station, George was likely lying.

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