Baby Talk
Season 3, Episode 14-301
Air Date June 7, 2002
Writer Paul Mayhew-Archer
Paul Mendelson
Director John Stroud
Prod. Code ICEB783X
Previous Wedding
Next Zero Tolerance

Baby Talk is the first episode of Series 3.


Most parents can't wait to show off their newborn, but this one flies, talks and does the hoovering! How on earth do George and Janet explain that away?


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  • Arnie's jibes to Mrs. Raven
    • "How ya been, my ugly little bat out of hell?"
    • "Go catch rabies."
    • "Hey, Phantom of the Opera."
  • Mrs. Raven's jibes to Arnie
    • "Pig swill."
    • "Crawl back to your trough."
    • "I'd rather live with a dead skunk."


  • 5.8 million (26.2% audience share)


  • Janet's hair has noticeably grown overnight from Wedding when she gives birth to Ollie, who is only one day old ("He wasn't born yesterday.", "Yes he was, that's the problem") on what is supposed to be the next day.
  • Ella asks why George and Janet have been keeping her Grandson from her and Stanley says they've missed Janet as they haven't seen her since the birth but Ollie was born yesterday.
  • How have George and Janet got enlarged photos of Ollie just one day after he was born, which would be a Sunday as they were married and Olly was born on a Saturday?
  • When Ollie goes missing just before the tea-party on Saturday, Thermoman calls for Pontius on the first search, but Benjamin on the second.

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