"Am i done?"
[in a cheerful tone] "You certainly are."
Mrs. Raven recieves all of Mrs. Osborne's details she needs[src]
Mrs. Osborne

Mrs. Osborne. (The First Husband's Club)

Mrs. Anne Osborne (Deddie Davies) is an old lady who went to the Northolt Health Centre who fell victim to a trick by Mrs. Raven. Mrs. Raven told her about a new service the Health Centre was offering, a little test to check for early signs of memory loss. Thinking it was a good idea, she gave her name, address, P.I.N. number on her bank card and where she kept here spare set of house keys. When she asked if she was done, Mrs. Raven assured her that she was. (The First Husband's Club)


  • Mrs. Osborne's personal details.
    • Address: 32 Windsor Drive
    • P.I.N. Number on Bank Card: 6523
    • Location of Spare House keys: Under the flowerpot in the porch