"My appointment was for 11 o'Clock it is now half past one!
"We have been experiencing some difficulties today so we appreciate your paitence."
"Whereas you clearly do not appreciate your [emphasises] paitents."
[groans then laughs] What a delightful joke, i'm sure Dr. Crispin will see you as soon as possible, [she snaps her pencil as he goes to the chairs].
―The Angry Paitent complains to Mrs. Raven[src]
Angry Paitent

The Angry Paitent. (Brain Drain)

The Angry Paitent (Laurence Howarth) is a man in a suit who went to the Northolt Health Centre on it's inspection day. Unfortanutely, due to George and Arnie accidently switching the minds of Piers, Janet and Tyler, services stalled and the Angry Paitent complained to Mrs. Raven, who was acting nice for the day. Her paitence were tested when he made a joke that while she appreciated his paitence she did not appreciate her paitents. Later, when she called the paitents miserable sickos, this offended the Angry Paitent, she lost it, grabbed him by the tie and gave him his appointment, by shoving a sheet of paper into his mouth. (Brain Drain)

"Miserbale sickos? I'm sorry but you w...
"[grabs him by his tie] You will be mate! Want your appointment do ya? [shoves a piece of paper in his mouth] There's your bleeding appointment.
―The Angry Paitent is offended at Mrs. Raven's insult to the paitents.[src]